Deaf Awareness

Dance teachers are your studio/class/staff deaf aware?

Did you know 11 million people in the UK (466 million people world wide) are deaf or hard of hearing? There are 151,000 BSL users in the UK. For many Deaf people BSL is their first language and many can’t read English.

Here is a few tip simple tips you can make today to make your studio/class/staff deaf friendlier places.

How Janet can help your business

Janet is profoundly deaf and has suffered from Intermittent Tinnitus, she was in her late 20’s. She wears a special type of hearing aid called a BAHA   and is also a good lipreader with basic BSL skills.

This puts her in a wonderful position to help dance schools and associations to become deaf friendly places.

Janet runs workshop at your studio to help you and your staff become more deaf aware.

  • Classroom Management for a deaf student
  • Different types Deaf and deafness
  • Basic BSL like – Hello/Goodbye, Welcome, Can I help, Cost, Social Distancing, dancing, and its grammar.
  • Advice were you can get more help.

Email for details of our workshops cost and dates, We can accommodate face2face or zoom.